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Poltava Petroleum Company has produced more liquefied gas by upgrading its LPG column

Poltava, August 7, 2020 – JV Poltava Petroleum Company (hereinafter – JV PPC) produced 17% more liquefied gas (LPG) in July than in the previous month due to the modernization of the LPG production column.

In July 2020, the company produced 1,420 tons of liquefied gas, which is 171 tons more than in the previous month.

The increase in the efficiency of extracting propane-butane from natural gas by only 1% allowed the company to increase the volume of its products by 17%. The technology is produced by the Canadian company Propak Systems.

In the face of depletion of hydrocarbon deposits, we study and apply innovative technical solutions that improve the efficiency of LPG extraction. We expect that the modernized LPG unit will increase the volume of liquefied gas by more than 20%, ”commented Viktor Gladun, CEO of JV PPC.

The company was the first private company to build an advanced liquefied hydrocarbon recovery column in 2011. In addition, PPC has its own laboratory for analyzing liquefied gas, and also received confirmation of the compliance of its own liquefied gas with the European standard EN 589: 2017.


JV Poltava Petroleum Company is a Ukrainian-British joint venture founded in 1994. Field of activity – prospecting, exploration and production of oil and gas. Based on the results of 2019, production of natural gas by JV PPC amounted to 280.7 million m3 (+ 55%), oil and condensate – 47.4 thousand tons (+ 41%). Also, LPG production increased to 13.7 thousand tons, which is 33.4% more than in 2018.