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JKX Oil & Gas plc shareholders re-elected Viktor Gladun as Executive Director of the JKX Board of Directors

June 23, London – based on the results of the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of JKX Oil & Gas plc (hereinafter – JKX), a 99.68% vote was taken to re-elect Victor Gladun as executive director of the Board of Directors of the JKX group of companies.
During the voting, Chairman of the Board of Directors Charles Valeskini, independent non-executive directors Tony Alves and Rashid Javanshir, and non-executive director Mikhail Bakunenko were re-elected. Victor Gladun and Tony Alves received the highest support result among shareholders – more than 99.67%.
We are grateful to the JKX shareholders for the trust that comes from the work of the JKX team. Together with the Board of Directors, we continue to work on the sustainable development of JKX, the search for new assets, ensuring the Group’s liquidity and implementing the adopted strategic decisions, ”said JKX CEO Viktor Gladun.
As a reminder, JKX ended 2020 with positive financial results: profit after tax was $ 19.9 million, and revenue was $ 69.9 million, with an overall production decline of 5% across the Group.

JKX Oil & Gas plc is a publicly traded company that has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1995 and is managed by the Board of Directors. The CEO of JV PPC and JKX Oil & Gas plc is Victor Gladun, who has been heading the company since 2016.
The scope of the Group’s companies is the prospecting, exploration, production and treatment of gas and oil. JKX Oil & Gas plc owns assets in Hungary, Ukraine and Russia.