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Ukrnafta and Poltava Petroleum Company announce first results of joint project

Poltava, June 11, 2019 – The management of PJSC Ukrnafta and JV Poltava Petroleum Company (PPC) gave an upbeat assessment of the first results of companies’ cooperation in Novohryhorivskyi field.

According to the agreement Ukrnafta supplies untreated gas of its Novohryhorivskyi field (Poltava oblast) to the PPC gas and oil processing facility “Ihnativskyi”, for preparation and further supply to the gas transportation system of Ukraine.

While in this area Ukrnafta doesn’t have own infrastructure for preparation and supply of gas to the main gas pipeline, the company started cooperation with PPC that has the respective capacities. This is the first experience of providing such services for PPC and the first such project for Ukrnafta.

As of June 1, 2019, after one-month’ work, PPC prepared and supplied to Ukrnafta 895,781 m3 of natural gas.

Viktor Gladun, the General Director of JV PPC, comments the project: “According to the results of work for the first month, PPC has pumped over nearly a million cubic meters of gas. This is an additional volume of gas for the gas lines of the country. I thank PPC team for the great job done for implementation of this project and Ukrnafta team for innovativeness and readiness to the efficient cooperation. I hope we will continue to work together.”

The head and initiator of the project Ruslan Bandur (deputy chief engineer of PPC) commented: “JV PPC had the opportunity to reload its production capacities, and in Ukrnafta there was a resource of low-pressure gas. As a result, two parties benefited from the implementation of this project. Yes, Ukrnafta has increased gas production, and we have expanded our services in the field of service provision”.

Mavriky Kalugin, a Member of the Executive Board, Executive Vice President for Upstream, estimated the project: “Novohryhorivskyi project is a brand new experience for us but we can already name the benefits it provides. It enables us to increase significantly gas production in Novohryhorivskyi field, as it opens access to the nearest gas preparation capacities and, thus, to the system of its transportation. Therefore, we can increase the volume of our commodity gas.”

By the terms of valid agreement, the project will last at least till the end of the year.