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Viktor Gladun: the only rental rate will allow producers to accumulate investments in development

April 30, Kyiv – CEO of the joint venture PPC and JKX Group, Viktor Gladun, spoke about how the energy crisis affected the situation in Ukraine and named the steps that are vital to develop the oil and gas industry in his interview to Expro Consulting.

It would a good step to introduce a state policy – to buy gas and oil in difficult times, when the price falls below $40 per barrel of oil, or less than $160 per cubic meter of gas. Not to buy a resource abroad, not to flush funds from the state budget, but to support, first of all, our producers” said Viktor Gladun.

Key messages of the General Director:

  • The number one task in the company was stabilization;
  • Key plans of the company are the following: new drilling at our fields, acquisition of new areas and continued cooperation with state-owned companies;
  • When Ukraine pays JKX all obligations under international agreements, it will be a good signal for investors;
  • Regulation of the gas market by the state is unacceptable.
  • It is necessary to introduce a unified rental rate at the level of 12% for all wells up to 5 thousand meters deep.

The establishment of a single rental rate for all fields will allow the producers to accumulate investments in development. We believe that it would be correct to introduce a unified rental rate of 12% for all wells up to 5,000 meters deep.

This will allow producers to save money on their production investments. This will add investment attractiveness to the oil and gas sector of Ukraine” concludes Viktor Gladun.

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