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Scope of Poltava Petroleum Company’s activities:

  • new fields prospecting and exploration;
  • oil, gas, and condensate production;
  • raw hydrocarbons processing.

2020 Production Volumes

  •     image description 45,6 t Oil and condensate
  •     image description 238,9 mcm Natural gas

Over the Company’s operation period:

  •     image description 150 wells have been worked over and brought back on line
  •     image description 80 wells have been drilled

Facilities built:

  • production base
  • early production facility
  • oil loading terminal
  • oil tank farm.
image description

Equipment installed:

  • unit for additional separation of liquid components from gas (dewpoint control unit)
  • automated process control system at the Early Production Facility
  • modern high-power compressors for low-pressure gas compression
  • additional manifold
  • additional oil tanks with a capacity of 4,000 cm
  • new flares with automatic ignition system
  • electric submersible pump and velocity strings
  • connection to the Soyuz gas transmission system

Taxes paid:

  • Paid $ 900 million in taxes since 1994.
  • Paid UAH 1 billion in 2018 (including UAH 549 million rent, of which 27.4 million were allocated to local budgets)

The Company staff numbers over 400 employees.

Map and Licences
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Special Permits for Subsurface Use Held by JV PPC

1 Zaplavske field – production licence

2 Rudenkivske field – production licence

3 Ignativske field – production licence

4 Novomykolaivske field – production licence

5 Movchanivske field – production licence

6 Elizavetivske field, West Mashivska area – production licence

Technology and Industry
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3D seismic survey

In 1998, JV PPC ran the first in Ukraine 3D seismic acquisition survey over its licence areas. The detailed geological structure data acquired is the basis for ongoing geological models of the fields that allow placing wells in the optimum conditions.

Directional drilling

JV PPC carries out scheduled drilling of subhorizontal wells. The inclination of subhorizontal sections is 88° to 94° with the largest total step out of 1016 m and the longest horizontal section of 470 m. These results have been achieved due to the use of modern well drilling techniques and the possibility of running logs whilst drilling. JV PPC was the first company in Ukraine to proceed with extensive application of such technology.

Perforating pay intervals

To ensure proper penetration of pay horizons and enhanced well productivity, JV PPC uses modern perforation systems such as Dynamit Nobel, Owen etc. Pay formations are perforated underbalance using a TIS lubricator.

Coiled tubing

In its well workover and stimulation operations, JV PPC uses coiled tubing which increases hydrocarbon production rates and reduces time and costs quite significantly. JV PPC was the first in Ukraine to use this technique in 1997.

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Computer Technologies

By using modern software such as KINGDOM-8.3, EXODUS and Geographix, JV PPC has implemented its project meant to generate ongoing models of the fields being developed by the Company.

The Wellflo software ensures performing of up-to-date analysis of operation parameters of production wells and designing gas lift and pump lift if the well stops flowing to surface.

The WAVELAN technology provides connection between the Company’s office in Poltava and the Production Base in Novi Sanzhary Raion being 42 km apart and allows setting up a corporate network to integrate geographically dispersed locations.

The Terminal software ensures obtaining statistic and tax reports in compliance with the Ukrainian law and maintaining management accounting in line with the IFRS.