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JV PPC sold an LPG lot at the record-breaking price

At the trading of August 16, PPC sold 237 tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas (autogas) to be transported by trucks. Compared with the previous trading of August 9, the weighted average price of the Poltava LPG increased by UAH 3,550/tonne to UAH 23,600/tonne. The product was purchased by 9 bidders.

All in all, 27 companies bidding for the total of 1,035 tonnes logged in for the trading.

Thus, the PPC LPG price has reached a new maximum. The previous price record was set by the Company at the auction of 25 February 2015 with LPG sold at UAH 21,700/tonne.

It is an absolute price record by Ukrainian producer. On 26 February 2015, the price of individual lots at the trading held by Ukrnafta reached UAH 21,774/tonne.

In mid-July 2017, PPC switched to producing LPG of the autogas standard.