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Poltava Petroleum Company will produce autogas

Poltava Petroleum Company (PPC) started production of liquefied petroleum gas (autogas). The new product meets GOST 27578-87 Liquefied Petroleum Gases for Motor Vehicles: the content of propane and propylene is up to 54% and that of butane and butylene is up to 44 %. The high quality of the product is certified by the certificate of conformity issued to the Company on 3 July 2017 (Certificate # UA1.145.0009899-17 issued by MASMA-SEPRO, the petroleum products and quality systems certification body).

“Currently, fuel compliance with the international and European standards and norms has been frequently discussed at the domestic LPG market. In my opinion, the market is ready for better quality fuel consumption. Thus, the receipt of the certificate of conformity by our Company is well-timed. This confirms once again that PPC has been following the European vector of development and applying the worldwide best practices”, Viktor Gladun, JV PPC General Director, said.

Having operated in the market for 23 years, Poltava Petroleum Company has proved to be a reliable supplier of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons including liquefied gas. The Company offered the first lots of the product to the market in 2011 when the LPG plant was launched.

“We are going to continue raising our standards to follow the international practice. The entire resource of liquefied gas to be produced by the Company in the future will meet the autogas standard”,  Mr. Gladun stated.

The Company plans to put up an LPG lot amounting to 200-250 tonnes for the next electronic trading to be held at its own trading platform ( on 26 July 2017.