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Technical Director of PPC presented the company’s experience in sidetrack drilling

Lviv, May 23 2019– Mykola Orynchak, Technical Director of JV PPC, spoke at the Carpathian Oil & Gas Conference 2019 and talked about the economy and efficiency of using the sidetrack technology by the Poltava Petroleum Company (hereinafter – PPC).

Mykola Orynchak, Technical Director of JV PPC

Mykola Orynchak, Technical Director of JV PPC, spoke at the Carpathian Oil & Gas Conference 2019

The technology of sidetrack drilling is quite effective, especially in conditions of work on depleted fields. At the same time, the effectiveness of technology depends on skills of the technical specialists and the experience of geologists.

The representative of the PPC noted that efficiency of company’s work on wells workovers and sidetrack drilling is 83%, in particular, 19 out of 23 works were successful, it means the projects financially paid off, and only 4 of them did not bring the expected result.

Mykola Orynchak said: “PPC was probably the very first company to start using sidetrack drilling technology. The company became the first in Ukraine to drill the longest horizontal well in 2010 on the well R-103, its length was 790m. In 2019, PPC drilled 3 sidetracks, the well #103 of Ignativske field was the most successful. The initial gas flow rate at the well was 269 thousand m3. An important factor in the success of the projects is the relatively low capital investment. Thus, PPCs receive the highest efficiency in the market at a least cost of projects. This is the result of the effective cooperation between the technical department and the team of geologists“.

The Carpathian Oil & Gas Conference 2019 Conference is organized by the consulting company EXPRO and is taking place for the second time. The event brought together specialists from companies from the countries of the Carpathian region: Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania and Austria, as well as from other countries. PPC was a partner of the event.