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Viktor Gladun, CEO of JV PPC and JKX, spoke about the turnaround strategy as another principle of business management for RBC-Ukraine

2020 has been a year of turmoil for businesses around the world. Many enterprises were unable to maintain their own liquidity and were on the verge of bankruptcy. But there were also companies that not only “survived” the global economic crisis, but also showed positive financial performance.
Victor Gladun, CEO of the JV PPC and JKX, spoke about the advantages of using the turnaround strategy as an anti-crisis management strategy for RBC-Ukraine.

The CEO highlighted the key elements of a turnaround strategy that will help keep the company through the crisis:

  • speed of decision making by top management;
  • reduction of operating expenses;
  • cash flow control;
  • control of debt obligations;
  • establishing effective relationships with banks.

Before the crisis, you need to be prepared in a period of stability, have a realistic budget management plan, be able to cut costs on time, constantly work to reduce debt obligations and use the crisis as an opportunity to renew and develop your business,” says Victor Gladun, CEO of JV PPC and JKX.

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