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JKX announces change in minority shareholders on London Stock Exchange

December 4, London – JKX Oil & Gas (hereinafter – JKX) announced the purchase of shares of Cascade Investment Fund on the London Stock Exchange.

19.97% of JKX shares were acquired by Bridgewater Holdings Corporation. According to the rules of the London Stock Exchange, notices of changes in minority shareholders are published publicly on the website of the exchange. The purchase and sale of shares is carried out on the stock exchange and does not depend on the decision of other shareholders.

The CEO of the British company JKX Oil & Gas is Victor Gladun. JKX Oil & Gas owns JV Poltava Petroleum Company in Ukraine, which increased its own hydrocarbon production by 52% in 2019.

JKX is a public private company whose shares have been traded on the London Stock Exchange since 1995.

The minority shareholders of JKX Group are Eclairs Group Limited – 27.47%, Bridgewater Holdings Corporation – 19.97%, Neptune Invest & Finance Corp. – 12.98%, Keyhall Holding Ltd – 11.45%, Interneft Ltd – 6.16%.