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PPC’s Delegation Visited the 50th OTC Exhibition, OTC 2019, in Houston, USA

Kyiv, 20 May. PPC’s delegation has attended ОТС 2019, the world’s largest engineering exhibition, that took place in Houston (Texas, USA) from 6 May through 9 May 2019.

PPC’s Delegation Visited the 50th OTC Exhibition, OTC 2019, in Houston, USA

OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) has been an important event in the petroleum industry for 50 years bringing together the industry’s best experts – top managers of oil and gas companies, engineers, scientists, traders and business people from around the world. This year, 2,500 companies from 110 countries participated in the exhibition demonstrating their capabilities and technologies.

PPC’s representatives also took part in this event. The delegation included Oleksandr Kryvenko, Gennadii Zbronskyi and Mike Stolte. The purpose of their visit was to get information on the latest achievements in hydrocarbon exploration and production that could enhance the production efficiency, especially with regard to depleted fields.

Oleksandr Kryvenko, PPC’s Operations Manager, commented on his participation in the exhibition: “PPC has always been among the leaders in implementation of new technologies and the Company has often been the first to apply innovations in Ukraine’s oil and gas industry. The primary value of attending the OTC exhibition is a chance to gain unique insight into technology trends and broaden our vision in general. There were various companies represented at the exhibition, from machinery manufacturers to those engaged in research and innovative technologies. In my opinion, it is very important that we have met executives of the companies we are planning to cooperate with in Ukraine. Thus, we contribute to attracting advanced technologies in Ukraine’s gas producing industry.

Mike Stolte, a consultant to JKX OIL& Gas plc, PPC’s parent company, has also shared his impressions on the visit: “The exhibition gathered the world leaders in technology and innovation. It was great to know that some of the companies there knew the name “PPC” very well. For instance, at the exhibition we met Propak, the Canadian company that built PPC plant. Also, we visited with a Texas A&M University professor that we are engaging to do a “salt” study for one of the PPC wells. This event was a good chance to find new partners for cooperation. For example, we met a new company that has some new products to capture flowline leaks. We hope to continue the dialogue with them.

Implementation of advanced production enhancement technologies and use of the most efficient drilling practices are among PPC’s top priorities. For 25 years, the Company has been a leader among non-state oil and gas producers in Ukraine. Many times, throughout its history, the Company was the first to implement the latest technologies such as 3D seismic or multi-stage fracturing.