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List of events:

JV PPC with the participation of “Five Group” provided access to the Internet for the school and village council of Drabinivska united local community

October 2, Poltava – JV “Poltava Petroleum Company” (JV PPC) provided high-speed access to the Internet for students of Drabinivka educational complex (EC). The project was supported by the Internet provider “Five Groups”.

JV PPC at its own expense laid a fiber-optic cable, which gave the pupils of Drabinivsky EC free access to the world wide web.

In addition, the presence of fiber-optic cable allowed to connect to the Internet and Drabinivka village council.

JV PPC understands the special importance of high-speed Internet in educational institutions in the regions of Ukraine, especially in the context of restrictions caused by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, so the Company plans to provide free Internet access and Sokolovobalkovskaya and Nekhvoroshchanskaya secondary schools, Andreevsky Lyceum and other general education institutions in time.

JV Poltava Petroleum Company, a Ukrainian-British joint venture, was established in 1994. JV PPC is one of the leaders among non-state oil and gas companies in Ukraine. The company’s field of activity is prospecting, exploration, production and preparation of gas and oil. The Poltava Petroleum Company uses the most modern technologies and methods for its own contribution to Ukraine’s achievement of energy independence.