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List of events:

JV Poltava Petroleum Company donated two vehicles to the Nekhvoroshcha community

Poltava, June 27, 2019 – JV Poltava Petroleum Company donated two vehicles to the Nekhvoroshcha community.

JV PPC has been cooperating with the Nekhvoroshcha community since the company was founded

The history of cooperation with the Nekhvoroshcha community goes back to the early days of the Company. In particular, JV PPC has been actively supporting the Andriivka residential school situated within the territory of the community. Also, the Company paid UAH 9,500,000 to the community budget last year and has paid UAH 5,800,000 of rental fees since the beginning of 2019.

Vasyl Klymenko, Director of JV PPC Security Service:

“Poltava Petroleum Company has been operating within the Nekhvoroshcha community territory for 25 years. Throughout this time, we have been actively participating in the community’s life and providing help, where necessary. We believe it is important to keep in touch with the local residents and contribute to the development of the region”.

Last week, JV PPC donated a fire engine and a minibus to the community. Donating the fire engine will be the first step in creating a local fire-fighting service, and the minibus will help to solve the problem of having no direct transport communication with Poltava.

Volodymyr Dmytryshyn, JV PPC Chief Engineer, says:

“The Company has donated two vehicles today: a minibus and a fire truck. The Nekhvoroshcha community is planning to have their own fire-fighting team in the future, which means new job opportunities for the locals”.

Poltava Petroleum Company has its own fire-fighting service with experienced professionals. To stimulate the fire-fighting crew development within the community, the Company offered training for the community’s future fire-fighters. With their examination passed successfully, they will be able to work in the community’s fire-fighting crew. The Company will go on with such training sessions in the future. Creating a fire-fighting unit within the community would enhance the security and residents would feel safer.

Yuriy Movchan, Head of the Nekhvoroshcha Community, comments as follows:

“The community’s development plan envisages establishing a local fire-fighting service. Today, Poltava Petroleum Company is giving us a fire engine. Besides, many people complain about passenger transportation service. The only bus interconnecting villages within the Community territory was canceled two years ago. So, we will try to sort it out now”.