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List of events:

Public Hearing in United Territorial Community of Nekhvoroshcha Village Rada

Today, Poltava Petroleum Company in conjunction with SVNTs Intelekt Servis held a public hearing in the united territorial community of the Nekhvoroshcha Village Rada.

With social responsibility being one of the JV PPC’s development programme priorities, we pay great attention to the cooperation with local communities. And a dialogue with a community is one of the forms of such cooperation.

At the public hearing, the specialists informed the local community on the operations to be performed by the Company within the territory of the Village Rada and presented results of the environmental monitoring of surface and ground waters. Also, they provided specific parameters of environmental impact on the areas located within the administrative boundaries of the united territorial community of the Nekhvoroshcha Village Rada. The presentation emphasized accident-free operation of the production infrastructure which eliminates risks of the environmental pollution.

Over its history, the Company has implemented a comprehensive monitoring of the environment components.

In our opinion, it is critical that the local communities see that JV PPC operates in line with the Ukrainian environmental laws and regulations. All of the locals who attended the hearing had an opportunity to get their urgent questions answered and clarified.

Poltava Petroleum Company is going to enhance cooperation with the local communities and support their development.