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List of events:

PPC Contributed to Fundraising to Help Internally Displaced Children from Donbas

Poltava, 4 June 2019 – The Plai dancing group staged a charity performance, Lost Childhood, at the Poltava Gogol Theatre supported by Poltava Petroleum Company. The charity event was initiated by Plai in line with the group’s tradition of annual fundraising concerts to support Poltava families in need. The funds raised this year will be donated to Valentyna Berezniak and her three underage granddaughters, an internally displaced family from Debaltsevo.

Liliya Dovganiuk, the manager of the group, shared her understanding of the fundraising initiative: “When arranging the concert, we turned to everyone who was willing to help. Poltava Petroleum Company was among those who responded to our request. All of the funds collected will be sent to support the Berezniak family. Children should not suffer even in war time. We, the adults, must support children and make their dreams come true”.

Poltava Petroleum Company (PPC) gave some tickets to students and teachers of the Andriivka residential school. Also, the Company’s employees were among those who attended the event. After the concert, Nadiya Ovsyanyk, the head of PPC’s translation service, said: “I am pleased that Poltava Petroleum Company decided to contribute to the event. Different people have different childhood experiences, and children will grow feeling more confident and will have a better start in life if supported by adults”.

Natalia Mai, a National Artist of Ukraine, took part in the concert, as well. The key message of the event was to put an end to suffering and to feel sympathy towards someone’s misfortune and pain.