Natural Gas

Selling natural gas produced by JV Poltava Petroleum Company at trading platform.

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Andrii Dovhaniuk, Director of Commercial Department


Mandatory Terms of Trading

  1. Bids will be accepted from residents of Ukraine only.
  2. Only those clients who are registered in the trading system ( for crude oil, gas condensate, LPG/autogas; for natural gas) shall be allowed to participate in the trades.
  3. The minimum lot: 57 (fifty seven) MT (rail) and 25 (twenty five) MT (truck) for crude oil; 10 (ten) MT (truck) for LPG/autogas.
  4. The buyer shall have the right to decrease or increase the bidden volume at different rounds. Once the round’s price has been set, the Buyer will not be able to change the volume.
  5. The period of payment for the purchased product shall not exceed 3 (three) banking days including the trading day but may be changed by the Seller.
  6. The shipping schedule shall be based on the receipt of payment following the “first paid, first shipped» principle.
  7. The contract shall be signed in electronic form within 2 business days after the trading day. Should this condition not be observed, it shall be deemed a refusal to buy the product which would result in blocking the Buyer’s account.
  8. The contractual relationship shall be terminated in the event of:
    • overdue/incomplete payment;
    • failure to provide full/timely shipment details;
    • refusal to accept the purchased volume.


Natural Gas Price

Pursuant to item 4, section I of the Natural Gas Supply Rules approved by Resolution # 2496 issued by the National Committee for the State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities on 30/09/2015, natural gas is supplied at prices being freely set by and between the supplier and the consumer.

Thus, the price of natural gas supply is determined accounting for individual needs of each individual consumer, volumes and mode of supply, terms of payment, as well as the level of prices being in effect on the natural gas market.


Andrii Dovganiuk, Director of Commercial Department


5th floor, 153, Yevropeiska St.
36002, Poltava, Ukraine

Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8-30 till 17-30 (Friday till 16-30)